Colombia Preview

I came back from Colombia on Tuesday evening to a cold but fresh Chicago. The cool air actually felt good. Clean. Thin. A far cry from the thick, sticky humidity of the Colombian coast. I’m covered in mosquito bites that I can’t stop itching, and I apparently still smell of the coconut oil rubbed all over my skin and hair just a few days ago on the beach in Taganga.

I’m still working on sorting through my photos (and videos!), but I thought I’d share a couple of the fabulous meals I had in Colombia. The fish was out of this world (and cheap!), and I’m sad to say I did not get a picture of any of the arepas I feasted on in the streets. Or empanadas. My favorite part of being in Colombia was the fresh tropical fruit. Mangos, pineapples, papayas… and those are just the fruits for which I know the English translation. There are all kinds of other crazy fruits that people sell – cut up for you in easy to eat pieces – and I have no idea what they were. Still, mango is my favorite, and I ate it every single day. Once it came dusted with salt, pepper, and lime juice. Seriously delicious.






Colombia Soon and DC Photo Recap

A quick update on the wanderlust aspect of this blog… my trip to Colombia is coming up in a week! Our time is short, but we’re spending one day in Bogota, two days in Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, and two days in Cartagena de Indias… oh lovely! I’m debating about bringing the “big camera” (ie, flashy, expensive camera) – I’m thinking that since we’ll primarily be in tourist areas, it will probably be ok. Still on the fence. Either way, I’ll be sure to share some beautiful pictures!

On another note, we were in DC a couple weekends ago… here are a few snapshots I took.

We spent a day touring the District and monuments…







And another day in some neighborhoods – specifically, most of these pics are from Capitol Hill and the Eastern Market…







And another day hanging out with Eric’s aunt and uncle, exploring Annapolis, MD and eating yummy food…