Chicago Chef Week is easily a favorite time of year for me, despite the freezing temperatures and icy sidewalks. Below is a review I wrote in February 2010 for Landmark.

My first course was a red lentil, brussel sprout, and goat cheese strudel with a frisee salad on the side. As you might notice, I dug in so fast I forgot to take a picture prior to my first bite! This starter, besides being quite substantial, was flaky and creamy, and the salad had the perfect amount of acidity. Great start.

Landmark Strudel

For the second course, I ordered ribeye—crusted with black peppercorns and served with sautéed spinach and blue cheese potato gratin. To be honest, I don’t even remember what my other option was—this dish was so good, I don’t even care (no order regret, here!). The ribeye was huge, and the peppercorns crusted on the edges put this steak in a category of its own.

Landmark Steak

The sides were equally wonderful and complementary. I mean, blue cheese potatoes? Come on! You’re speaking my language, here!

Landmark Spinach

Lastly, dessert. It was like peanut butter ice cream cake—the gourmet version, with caramel, nuts, and pretzels on the side and a decadent whipped cream. Despite being stuffed, I devoured the entire plate.

Landmark Dessert

And that, my friends, concludes an epic Chef Week. The belt is a little looser, the wallet a little lighter, but my belly a whole lot happier.


1633 North Halsted Street
Chicago, IL 60614-8640

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