I’ve been eating a lot of radishes…
Roasted Radishes 2

pickling everything…

and making Heidi Swanson’s Coriander Soba Noodles, with the addition of puffed tofu…
Coriander Soba Noodles 1

I’ve also been editing photos from Ethiopia…
Ethiopia 31

Ethiopia 39

Ethiopia 60

Ethiopia 108

Ethiopia 261

Ethiopia 270

Ethiopia 374

and Uganda…
Uganda 8

Uganda 39

Uganda 54

Uganda 61

Uganda 59

and Kenya…
Kenya 13

Kenya 32

Kenya 52

Kenya 53

Kenya 70

Kenya 75

Kenya 92

Kenya 109


  1. angela champion says:

    Welcome Back! You take amazing photos! We need to get the group together soon 🙂

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