Friday Nights

Remember when you were young, and school was ending, and if you lived in Cadott, you took the bus home and ran up the driveway on that last day of school for the year? Remember that feeling? Freedom, yes, it was freedom. Well, that’s how every single Friday night feels now.

Except you know at the end of summer, when you’ve had enough freedom, and got a new haircut and fancy new shoes, and you’re so ready to go back to school? Well, come Sunday night, I’m still not ready to go back to work.

Nonetheless, I love love love Fridays. This past Friday, I wanted to stop at Saigon Sisters – a new favorite of mine that serves some of the very best Banh Mi in the city – but you see, when you sneak out of work early and show up before 5pm, you have to change your plans. Lucky for me, right around the corner in the French Market, where the sistahs also happen to have a stand. Unlucky for me, the French Market is dangerous.

Yes, dangerous. The moment I walk in, Delightful Pastries in staring me in the face. Around the corner, Pastoral is screaming cheese at me. City Fresh Market’s seafood counter is calling my name, and Flip Crepes has me wondering if I really want banh mi tonight. What do you do when faced with so many choices? Buy it all, I tell you – buy. it. all.


And that my friends, are the ingredients for a glorious Friday night. A superb salame with whole peppercorns.


Some seriously amazing double cream cremont cheese from Vermont.


Wine. Banh Mi. Pho.



Like I said, I love Fridays.

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